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Caring for Painted Mailboxes

Painted mailboxes should come with a weather resistant coating of some sort in order to protect the paint from the outside elements. If you were to hand paint your own mailbox you would want to make sure to coat it, too, unless you want to repaint it every month or two. If you purchase a painted mailbox, check to see what kind of coating it has on it and if it offers no coating, you might want to look for another mailbox that will be more durable and last longer before spending your money.

Even a coated, weather resistant painted mailbox needs to be cared for because it will eventually wear with time. The following are some tips to care for your painted mailbox.

Keep it clean

Regularly clean your painted mailbox with a mild soap and a soft cloth. The soft cloth will prevent any scratches in the paint and the mild soap shouldn’t cause any damage to the weather resistant coating. It is especially important to keep your painted mailbox clear of bird droppings because these can be very corrosive to paint and coatings.

Protect from scratching and rusting

The one thing that can ruin a painted mailbox quicker than anything is scratching from the flag going up and down and rusting from metal screws. Make sure to use rust resistant screws and plastic washers, and to fill any holes with silicone to prevent rusting.

Most painted mailboxes come without the flag being installed and you will need to install it yourself. This is good because you can pad the flag before you install it to keep it from scratching up your painted mailbox. Get some of those chair pads that are sticky on one side and soft felt on the other and place two or three of them on the underside of the flag before installing it. Be sure not to make the flag too tight or even the felt can cause minor scratching, but it does need to be tight enough to stay up when you need it to.

Additional protection

Once a year, if you live in an area with usually normal weather (not too harsh, not too wet, not too hot or cold) then you can protect your painted mailbox by applying a coat of car wax once a year. Make sure that the wax has UV protection and is a good, quality brand. In areas with harsher weather or in extremely hot climates, apply the wax more than once a year.

A painted mailbox will be a beautiful addition to any home that will make all of the neighbors envious and want one, too. This is especially true when it looks brand new. You can keep your painted mailbox looking brand new for many by following these simple tips.

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